Outdoor Nature Club
Houston, Texas
updated 7/31/2022

 The Outdoor Nature Club (ONC) is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization for all ages. It was organized in 1923 to protect and conserve our natural resources by fostering an interest in the study of nature.
note: our new mailing address is ONC, PO BOX 1014, Bellaire, TX 77402-1014

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Dogwood Bloom

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contact us: info@outdoornatureclub.org

Bluebells on Cullinan Meadow at LTNS

Little Thicket Nature Sanctuary (LTNS)
700 acres of unspoiled wilderness

Open Houses: Usually are scheduled for the fourth Saturday of the month.
Note: CDC says masks are not required
Gate usually opens before 10AM.
Members and guests often take leisurely walks enjoying the woods and meadows in groups or alone.

Scheduled open houses:

August 27
September 22
October 26
November 26


Ornithology Group (OG)
Birding Enthusiasts

February Spoonbill newsletter

Meetings and Events:

Aug 1 Zoom meeting: 6:45 PM CDT, Westport Sea Birds, Five Decades of Observing Sea Birds and Mammals off Washington by Bill Tweit, Olympia, Washington

Meeting ID: 813 7676 9976
Passcode: 783423

Current board members:

Nina Rach, President
Membership Vice-President -
Michael Honel
Executive Director of Sanctuaries - Charles Peterson
Secretary-Treasurer - Vacant
OG representative - Tira Overstreet

ONC bylaws
ONC 2019-2020 financial statement

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Nature Notes Archive

ONC's history now resides at The University of Houston who is archiving it.